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Dry eyes

Smoke filled the room ashes on the table just about empty cups Hand in hand hush hush talks expectations. He looks at her pointing smoke at the sky moves away leaving without the final drag. Moments later she orders one more coffee legs on the empty chair next to her little more relieved lighting the

Off day

Went to the coffee bar, on a Sunday noon. Sunny outside, mid of monsoon. Looked around, for no one in particular. Looking for inspiration may be? Or may be that’s just a reason to get out of my windowless room. Should I sit inside? Hot air outside seemed cool, after a week long of conditioned


Its very important to remember where you came from, what led you here, in this place, this time. More often than not this reason will be so small that you forget them, But remember that you are here because of that one small idea.


उन पहाड़ियों के बीच, एक रास्ता निकलता है; जो पता नही कहाँ पहुँचता है? उस बड़ी सड़क पार कर, निकलो अगर पश्चिम के तरफ़; फूलों के पथ मिलते है हर तरफ़। मिलते है कई, उन फूलों के पास घूमते हुए मगर, कोई ये नही कहता, ये जो रास्ता निकलता है; आगे जाकर कहाँ पहुँचता है?


We are like that old piece of code that no one wants to change. Just add wrapper functions around to be different outside.

Last eight dollars ( Part 3 ) : Interviews – Cold mails and Frogs

We were busy coding the product, the Core engine which can talk to any application. It was exciting times. A week after, one evening we received an email from JFDI team that we are shortlisted for the first round of interview. We were super excited. The interview was good, and the same evening we got

Before joining a startup

There are lot of articles giving you insights on why you should work for a startup and how it will shape your future etc. Most of these are about startup with 10+ people on board (including founders). I know, 10 is just a number, but it shows that the founders are convinced about what they

Art and building product

There are many ways to build a product, there are many opinions floating around. Some say go after the market, while others say create your own market. Some believe that design thinking helps, while others push you to follow the graph. What is the right way to build a product? I tried to explore a little

Last eight dollars ( Part 2 ) : Pre-Pivot

Structured course correction designed to test a new fundamental hypothesis about the product, strategy, and engine of growth. – Wikipedia   After the encouraging response from the potential users, it was time to build the product. We did some market research, we found some similar products, and about a week later we thought we knew `how we

Last eight dollars

TTL;DR (Too too long) This is going to be a long blog, about the journey of our startup, from an Idea to Product and everything and everyone in between. I will try to make it as conversational as possible PS: I am a programmer, story will be filled with nerdy stories. PPS: Did you see the the Statement

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